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Celebrating 20 years as Boston's "go to" milliner.

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Flashback to one of my very first hats. My pride and joy, “The Big Dig Hat”. Not the prettiest name. But there’s a story and it’s quite an emotional one. Back in the late 90s I was desperately trying to find myself and to carve out a niche. Something was happening to me and I needed to explore it. I was determined to get a studio in Boston’s Fort Point Channel to let it out. I pounded on every door. Plastered the neighborhood with posters looking for studio space. But to no avail. I was turned down over and over. But I wouldn’t give up and then one day I got a response. Somebody wanted to rent me a studio space in their loft. He took a chance on me and I was beyond elated. I was determined to bring hats back into fashion in Boston which at the time was clearly lacking fabulous Millinery. That summer I began my independent studies in the art of hat making every single day that summer. I felt possessed. I couldn’t believe what was happening, challenging myself beyond belief. This black stunner is my masterpiece. I listened to the big dig pounding piles into the earth day in day out. It became the soundtrack of everything I was doing. It became the rhythm for my creativity. I wouldn’t stop until it stopped. When I finally completed this piece, I stood back and cried. I had found my calling. A number of months later, I landed my first write up in the Boston Globe. So when people ask me, “Where do you get your inspiration?”. It’s from this one solitary hat. She has launched thousands of hats & the set high standards for my work. She always sits on the highest perch in the studio and gets tons of compliments and even offers to procure her. But she will always be mine. She awakened in me the artist, the designer who was desperate to be seen. I’ve worked extremely hard at reviving Millinery here in Boston. Teaching women how to embrace their confidence and not worry about what people might think. Because they just might be thinking, “ I wish I was able to wear something like that!” Thank you Boston for appreciating what I do & most of all allowing me the opportunity to live my dream.

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